The price of the OP digital currency shines after the announcement of the “Optimism” project partnership with “Coinbase”

Bitcoin continues to fluctuate in price, with its inability to overcome the $25,000 level, and even increased its decline to $23,000 levels, while trying to maintain and stay above $23,000.

Currently most altcoins are also in the red, with losses in double digit percentages for some altcoins like FIL and STX.

Bitcoin is trying to maintain the $23,000 level:

Last week, Bitcoin managed to rise from $21,500 to more than $25,000 in one day, before correcting $1,500 in a matter of hours.

She started two more attempts to get over the $25,000 but got stuck in her tracks on both attempts.

BTC price fell to $23,500 again.

Bitcoin bounced more or less immediately and rose to over $24,500 yesterday.

Then it fluctuated again and fell below the level of 24 thousand dollars, and it remained so at the time of publishing this article.

Perhaps the most important news in the cryptocurrency market from yesterday was the launch of the layer-2 ETH network from Coinbase.

The largest US-based cryptocurrency exchange took advantage of “Optimism” regarding its new service, which had an immediate impact on the price of the OP cryptocurrency.

OP rose 6% minutes after the news broke and continued to climb in the following hours, reaching a multi-week high of $3.2.

But it has corrected back and dropped below $3 at the time this article was published.

In general, the market is red this morning, Saturday, which affected the decline in the total value of the market by approximately 3%, and the market as a whole became estimated at $ 1.05 trillion.

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